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Bruges, Belgium, April 2024 – Amidst the captivating ambiance of Bruges, Belgium, the SoilWise Project
partners convened for an intensive three-day session, from the 25th -27th of March. The primary objectives included initiating the development of the SoilWise Repository (SWR) and reflecting on the first milestone of the project, which entailed concluding the initial co-design process, reviewing outcomes, and strategizing for future endeavors. The collaboration yielded tangible results, with concrete action plans established for the upcoming significant milestone: the SWR Minimum Viable Product (MVP), slated for September.

“During the meeting, the co-design methodology was carefully evaluated, resulting in clear and strategic
improvements for the next iteration. The consecutive working days with the partners enhanced collaboration between the user and the technical groups, leading to better alignment on priorities and paving the way for achieving the second major milestone in the project, the SoilWise MVP.” as stated by the project coordinator.

The SoilWise project is not merely a technical endeavor; it is a collaborative effort that brings together diverse stakeholders, including land managers, policymakers, researchers, and industry leaders. Through a process of multi-actor co-design and co-validation during the project meeting, SoilWise partners discussed how the Repository should reflect the needs and priorities of all user groups, thereby maximizing its impact and effectiveness. Therefore, workshops with stakeholders were planned and designed to give practical responses for the Repository development.

Looking ahead, SoilWise remains steadfast in its mission to empower stakeholders with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard our soil resources. With each milestone, we move closer to achieving the ambitious goals outlined in the Soil Mission and securing healthy soil for future generations.